leatherdykeuk: (poetry - Bear Ridge)
are rarely seen
except when not wanted
criticising everything
she does

© Rachel Green 2016

falling leaves
on the car bonnet
a magpie

© Rachel Green 2016

a dust-filled house
inches of plaster
Lu's allergies playing up
suffering mortality

© Rachel Green 2016

rebuilt computer
running like a dog
needs drivers

so new
the graphics card
won't take my old monitor

runs like a one-legged dog

© Rachel Green 2016

She scratches. Allergies or insect bites?

© Rachel Green 2016
leatherdykeuk: (poetry - Bear Ridge)

There's a woman in the pet shop
off her head on something, hopping
from foot to foot
random squats as sudden fatigue
overtakes her skeletal frame.
“My dogs got fleas,” she moans
though, sadly, not in tune (I remember
hours of fiddle lessons, playing
mandolin in a country band)
There's flea powder, flea shampoo
and that stuff you drip
on the backs of their necks
if you can get a hold of them –
'cause once they see that packet they're gone.
She phones her boyfriend
pressing the mobile to the side of her head
so her elbow sticks out like a cartoon robot
but there's no answer after three attempts
so she 'fucks' and 'wankers' toward the exit
past the till where the attendant cries,
a silent, doe-eyed girl in tow.
leatherdykeuk: (Jester Moon)
her shrink
tries to tell her
her brother's a figment
of vivid imagination.
She laughs.

© Rachel Green 2016

autumnal chill
celebrate the last of the sun
garden borders

© Rachel Green 2016

no desire
to have the cat
sit on my keyboard.
Her attempts at poetry
make no sense in English.

© Rachel Green 2016

new computer
requires software
"advanced diary"

despite buying it once
the new version
does not accept my details

copy across old version

© Rachel Green 2016

stressful day. Her panic over holidays.

© Rachel Green 2016

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