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I was tagged by [profile] saare_snowqueen – for the My Writing Process Blog Hop, so here goes!

What am I working on?

My current work-in-progress is a weird one. “Damaged Goods” started off as a mis-lit, with the teenage heroine losing her whole family and striking up a relationship with an emotionally fubarred old man, while being pursued by the Swedish military. It didn't work, and I abandoned it to make the girl start seeing the ghost of a drowned girl, which was going to be a paranormal murder mystery. I've abandoned that, too, though not the characters. Now she meets Jasfoup the demon, who helps her to not be bullied any more. 'An Ungodly Child' without Harold's riches, perhaps.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I generally write about ordinary people being thrust into the penumbra of Heaven and finding out there isn't such a clear demarkation between 'good' and 'evil'

Why do I write what I do?

I like fantasy which is in good humour but which also turns the established ideals on their heads. Helpful demons, vengeful angels, gay Christians and Puritannical Pagans. I'll never be a great writer but a lot of people have enjoyed my novels.

With my other gloves on I write erotica which tries to give a positive spin on human urges. Polyamorous groups, BDSm practitioners, Brothel madams. I try to paint them as human as the Boy Next Door

How does your writing process work?

When I get an idea I write dozens, hundreds or thousands of short stories and flash fiction about the characters and the situations in the novel. This takes a long time. I'm a pantser, which means I write with only the most general of plot ideas and allow myself to be seduced into plot twists and unexpected situations. I once had a main character (a vampire) die because she opened a door inside a tunnel and it was broad sunshine outside. Poof. A whole subplot about resurrection, but that's been done before.

My writing output has slowed significantly recently because I started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu six days a week. I'm always so tired...
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