Jan. 27th, 2014

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Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy: 7 – 5 – 3

The 7, 5, 3 Philosophy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu incorporates the 7 Principles of Bushido, The 5 Keys to Longevity, and the 3 Zen Minds.
The Seven Principles Of Bushido.
1. Right Action.  Doing what is just without regard to consequence.   (Correct judgment or procedure for the resolution of righteousness.)
2. Courage.  Having the inner strength to stand for what is right.
3. Benevolence.  Having a kind disposition that reflects love and affection for others.  “Benevolence brings under its sway whatever hinder its power, just as water subdues fire.”
4. Respect.  Being polite and courteous to others.  “In its highest form politeness approaches love.”
5. Truthfulness.  Having integrity in word and action while following the Law of the Universe.
6. Honor. Enjoying a reputation for ethical conduct.  “Dishonor is like a scar on a tree which time, instead of effacing only helps to enlarge.”
7. Loyalty. Faithful allegiance.

The 5 Keys To Health And Longevity.

1. Daily exercise
2. Proper nutrition
3. Adequate Rest / Sleep
4. Hygiene
5. Positive Mental Attitude

3 Minds.

Zan Shin is translated as ‘Remaining Spirit’ and refers to a vigilant, all-encompassing awareness.  Zanshin is being fully present in the here and now.  The mind is fully aware of its surroundings and in a state of ever-readiness – unattached, yet present to the task at hand.

Mu Shin means ‘Mind Without Mind,’ or the state of No Mind.  Mu Shin is a state of spontaneity that allows immediate action without conscious thought.  “Mu” means “emptiness.”  The mind is empty in the sense that it is void of fear, anger, worries and various other preoccupations.  The absence of these distractions creates the space for an increased awareness and clarity. Mushin is sometimes referred to as “the zone,” – a relaxed state of peak performance.

Fu Do Shin is the ‘Immovable Mind.’  It is the mind that has met all challenges of life, and has attained a state of complete composure.  This state of mind cannot easily be disturbed by confusion, anger, doubt, or fear. It is the calm in the center of the storm.
“Mental calmness, not skill, is the sign of a matured samurai.” – Tsukahara Bokuden

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